Jr. Kindergarten

Beanstalk’s Jr. Kindergarten program targets students who miss the Pennsylvania Kindergarten age requirement. The program provides a Kindergarten classroom experience for students who celebrate their fifth birthday after September first. Additionally, students celebrating their fourth birthday by July first and who have successfully demonstrated emotional growth, maturation and who are ready for a more challenging curriculum, will also be considered for the program.

This program combines the structure, social skills and cognitive content associated with Kindergarten but in a smaller classroom environment. It engages students using the project-based approach where they study real-world topics as they establish their conceptual foundation. This class is unique because projects become more in-depth as our children learn to investigate and develop more complex thought processes. In addition to exploring all the objectives outlined in the regular Preschool program, the Jr. Kindergarten class introduces students to a more rigorous reading and math readiness curriculum. With the focus on our customized balanced literacy program, teachers are able to support children’s emergent reading and writing skills. Using Everyday Math, students learn math concepts through hands on activities, while still building on their established math skills.

Aligned with the Pennsylvania Kindergarten Standards, the program includes the daily structure and resources used in a regular Kindergarten class. Teachers gently guide their students to become independent thinkers and cooperative learners in a caring and nurturing classroom environment that helps them successfully transition to Kindergarten.

Being in the Jr. Kindergarten Program is an exciting time as the students and teachers work and play together to make learning an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Jr. Kindergarten is a mandatory five day program