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Annual Fiscal Year Tuition Schedule 

The tuition established for the 2023-2024 school year will allow Beanstalk School to retain and attract the finest teachers in the region and enhance the academic and extracurricular programs.


Toddler Program
12 to 36 months

8:00am - 2:45 pm

3 Days $1,575

5 Days $1,875

7:30am - 6:00pm

3 Days $1,775

5 Days $ 2,050

Two days available upon request for $1200 per month·

Preschool Program
3-5 year old

8:00am - 2:45 pm

3 Days $1,500

5 Days $1,700

7:30am - 6:00pm

3 Days $1,675

5 Days $1,875

 Children who are not potty trained cannot move-up and tuition remains the same.

Meredith and Nebinger Before& After Care 
(*1 month Deposit)

Before care 7:30am - 8:00am


After care 3:00pm - 6:00 pm



Before & After care 


NOTE:  Two days are available upon request and may be limited for $1,200 monthly Fee

Beanstalk offers an extended $875 monthly flat rate option to all families enrolled in the Phl Prek Program

School Fees:

$ 100 one-time application fee

$ 750 One Month Non-Refundable Security Deposit (to be applied to the last month of care)

Monthly recurring fee:

$100 Beauty Smart Lunch Program (Vegetarian options available—Deducted with monthly tuition) 

Annual Recurring Fee: (Due Each September)

$ 150 inhouse annual activities fee

Sibling Discount 3% off the oldest child if two or more children are enrolled (FT ONLY)


Beanstalk offers one payment options:

*All payments are processed using Tuition Express and will be processed on the 30th of each month.

*A monthly service 2% is due each month for those opting to pay via debit or credit card. 


Tuition Refund

Beanstalk offers no refunds of tuition. The security deposit is applied to the last month of attendance. The withdrawal policy is 60 days advance notice. If proper notice is not given, full monthly tuition will be charged.


Full Tuition is due during all school closings per the school calendar

  • Full Tuition is due when the School District of Philadelphia issues emergency Closings

  • Full tuition is due when a child is out for vacation

  • During a pandemic, 30% of monthly tuition is due if the school remains closed for more than one consecutive month.  


 Refer a parent and receive $100 one-time tuition payment credit to be applied via Tuition express after three months.  

Away from school Trip notices/fees will be sent in advance. Parent volunteers are welcome.

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