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Farm to ECE Enrichment Program with Monique Roye

Beanstalk’s Horticulture program has embraced the Farm to ECE experience.  Farm to ECE offers benefits that parallel the goals and priorities of the early care and education community including emphasis on experiential learning opportunities, parent and community engagement and life-long health and wellness for children, families and caregivers.

Beanstalk’s Education and Nutrition Series with Nichole Owens

Uses cooking activities that help give young children firsthand knowledge and skills to prepare healthy snacks that give them a comprehensive health education in a
fun hands-on way.

Raising Music Education Program with Robb McCall

Raising Music is: An engaging and widely experienced powerhouse musical duo based in Philadelphia. The Founders have years of experience and are affiliated with several highly regarded art and community centers. It has a proven track record of providing a uniquely engaging and highly interactive music education experience for diverse audiences.

Movemakers Philly

Brings minimovers on an adventure through history, location and dance. Children learn the dance form, where it was created, by who and its roots.

These dance forms include:

Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, and Latin Social Dance.

Future Hearts Minds and Dreamers

Offers an array of subject matter that include, dance, yoga, junk art, etc., with the ultimate objective of reaching the full creative potential of each participant.

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