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In our preschool program, teachers and children interact through conversations, small groups, learning centers, and class meetings that revolve around class study topics. Children are encouraged to explore and discover within their immediate world, and teachers act as recorders of their ideas and experiences. Teachers assist the children by asking questions and encouraging them to ask questions in return, research answers, and come to their own conclusions.

Beanstalk’s preschool uses a Customized Balanced Literacy approach, which focuses on five essential elements for supporting young children’s development. Using both whole and small-group instruction, teachers are able to focus on:

As teachers become aware of children’s individual stages, they provide appropriate materials and experiences to build upon each child’s development. Using the Everyday Math Pre-k curriculum, children learn math concepts through hands-on activities and cover skills such as counting, number concepts, operations, graphing, measurement, shapes, position, spatial relations, and patterns and sorting.

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