Preschool Prep (24 months – 3 years)

Working with toddlers is an important job, one that will influence children's lifelong learning. With a developmentally appropriate program, Beanstalk toddlers build positive relationships with their peers, develop their vocabulary skills, and learn how to cooperate within a group. Our toddlers quickly develop into confident preschoolers, ready to tackle a more vigorous curriculum, where they learn at a faster pace.

Project Approach Learning for Toddlers

Curriculum for toddlers involve activity centers that change from day to day. Because toddlers tend to be immersed in the immediate moment and in the process rather than the product of their activity, teachers, when developing curriculum, tend to put little emphasis on long‐range planning and on developing extensive connections between different activities. Yet thematic units and long‐term projects are becoming recognized as an important way to promote preschool and young school-age children’s learning.