Curricular Approach

Our “whole child” curricular approach prepares students to be thoughtful members of society and lifelong learners, while exposing them to science, language, math, art & music, yoga, meditation, and the natural world through developmentally-appropriate programs. Project Approach learning motivates both students and teachers. It creates dialogue and helps students process, problem solve, and collaborate with others on projects. Students will become comfortable assessing issues and coming up with solutions in a way that is interesting and informative. Higher-order thinking will become the norm rather than the exception.

Cognitive Development
Beanstalk follows a research-based, multidisciplinary approach that combines proven academic curricula including Everyday Math and the Early Childhood Education Foundations of Instruction with modern thinking and activities to address multiple forms of intelligence. We help students to become independent thinkers and doers by developing their love of discovery and encouraging their natural creativity.

Social Development
Beyond academics, Beanstalk promotes multicultural education and teaches students how to communicate and respect people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. We also give students the tools and guidance to restore harmony during times of disagreement and to manage their feelings in productive and healthy ways through a technique called, “Restorative Justice” which allows each child to be accountable for the their actions and reconcile with their peers in a safe nonthreatening manner.

Physical Development
Students are given ample outdoor time, with daily trips to the park and lessons that instill a love of nature. Tumbling, Movement and Musicality, and Kids n’ Play Yoga classes help young bodies grow agile and strong. Mindfulness meditation lessons help to develop attention spans, focus, and the ability to sit still. Large and small motor skills are addressed with tumbling, movement and musicality weekly workshops provided by Giordana Acro.

Additionally, before-and-after-school programs offer a happy, constructive start and finish to each day.

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