Art With A Twist! Summer Camp 2017

Jr. Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Session I (Dates to be Announced)

Join Beanstalk School for a summer filled with art! For three weeks, we will be exploring various types of painting techniques and styles of art influenced by professional artists. While getting to know these artists, we will be mimicking their styles of art with a twist of our own. During these weeks, the students will discover mixing paint, working with watercolor and acrylic mediums to create a variety of art work.

Watercolor Paintings
Students will work with watercolors and learn how liquid colors interact with one another. We will mix primary colors to create secondary colors and explore color schemes. Throughout this week, we will be working with various techniques, using additional materials to create texture in these paintings.

Art works include:
Two-tone, wet-on-wet painting
Dot painting
Spray painting
Marble print painting
Salt watercolor painting
Glue watercolor painting
Baking soda drip art
'Blow a bubble' art
Watercolor Cubism Art (Pablo Picasso)

**Field trip to a local florist and walks to the park/around the neighborhood**

“Spilled Imagination” Acrylic Paintings (drip painting)
Spilled Imagination is a personal art project created by professional artist, Nadira Akter, M.Ed. Spilled Imagination represents the freedom of spilling colorful paints onto a blank surface. Students will work with acrylic paint and produce inventive works of art.

Art works include:
Vertical drip painting on Canvas
Foam cup Pendulum painting
Sponge painting
Pouring (layer) painting
Glass painting
Painting branches
Watered acrylic paint brush spill painting
Jackson Pollock spill painting

** Field trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art**

Recreate Art
Students will learn about various influential artists, while recreating their painting styles using the mediums we have explored throughout the previous weeks. Students will work on group mini-mural paintings.

Art works include:
Pablo Picasso - Cubism Art
Piet Mondrian - Block/ Line Painting
David Hockney - Pop Art
Jackson Pollock - Spill Painting
Abstract Mosaic Painting

**Field trip to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens**

Tumble to the Music! Summer Camp 2017

Jr. Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Session 2 (Dates to be announced)

Children will learn all basic tumbling techniques. Tumbling incorporates all of the basic principles of floor gymnastics and acrobatics. We will warm up with age appropriate flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and strength building exercises. We will be focusing on safety, class etiquette and team work. Benefits of this week's classes will include increased confidence through goal oriented learning, introductions to sports and exercise in a positive and encouraging environment and increased agility and motor skill development. These classes are also lots of fun! With obstacle courses, prizes at the end and much more! 

Basic Skills That We Will Learn:
Forward Rolls
Backward Rolls
Jumps and Corresponding Positions (Pike, Tuck, Straddle) 

Movement and Musicality

Children will learn basic techniques over a wide range of dance types including ballet, modern, hip hop, jazz, tap and African dance.  We will warm up using a fusion of age appropriate exercise, yoga, dance moves and rhythm teaching techniques.  In class we will learn dance positions and a bit of dance history with a focus on proper technique and education.  At the end of each class we will begin learning small excerpts of choreography.  This will start to increase the children's ability to connect the mind and body from an early age, it will also benefit memory and focus for many children and does not include the many benefits these exercises provide physically
including: increased flexibility, balance, agility and strength.  

We will learn the following things this week:
Hand and Feet Positions in Ballet Technique
Basic Stretches: downward facing dog, upward facing dog, straddles, splits,etc.
One Leg Balances 
Choreography Absorption
Rhythm and corresponding music 
Basic tap, jazz, hip hop, modern and African techniques 

Performance Week

Children will be taught a dance including all that they have learned over the last two weeks of class and will perform what they've learned for their parents! This will help students overcome "stage fright" by learning at an early age that when you are well prepared and confident in your work, performing in front of others isn't as scary as it may seem! They will spend the first three days of this week learning the choreography and the next two days reviewing what they've learned! This performance will incorporate both the tumbling and dance techniques they've learned and will introduce them to the performance arts in a positive and encouraging environment ! 

One Week Bridge to School Summer Program (Dates to be Announced)

Jr. Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Yoga Fun for Kids

Meditation and mindfulness for children.

**Space is Limited**