Cold Weather Play

The newsletter, “Child Health Alert”, published by Harvard Medical School, states that although many people still believe that children catch colds when outside in cold weather, the truth is that for most children there is no harm in being outdoors in cold or snowy weather.

Children must be dressed warmly with head, feet and hands covered. Jackets, boots, mittens and hats and if possible, snowsuits are essential on very cold days. Please layer your child’s clothing for warmth. Outside play gives children a chance for fresh air, a change of environment, and an opportunity to burn off energy by using large muscles.

If there is a weather advisory, Beanstalk will follow the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare guidelines for outdoor play.

Inclement Weather Policy

Beanstalk will follow Philadelphia Public School System closures in the case of inclement weather conditions (such as snow and ice storms and severe electrical storms). We maintain the following procedures in the case of inclement weather:

When Philadelphia Public Schools:

Open 2 hours late
Close 2 hours early
Cancel all afternoon/evening activities
Close for non-weather purpose

Beanstalk Will:

Open 2 hours late
Close at 1:00 pm
Close at 3:00 pm
To Be Announced