Admission Policy

We appreciate your interest in Beanstalk Preschool. To begin the application process, please complete the contact information on the website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once you are contacted you will be invited to tour the facility. If you are still interested after the initial tour, we suggest you download & complete the Beanstalk Enrollment Application, then submit it with a $75 non-refundable application fee to 729 E. Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Once the application and fee are received, Beanstalk will contact you to schedule a second visit to meet your child and have him or her participate in morning meeting. This gives the teacher an opportunity to meet the child in a classroom setting. While the child is in the classroom, you will have an opportunity to meet with an administrator to ask any additional questions you have. Beanstalk believes that school is a partnership between parents, teachers and the village. Therefore it is important to have a "Getting to know you" meeting before making a final decision on enrollment.

Please be advised that once accepted, Beanstalk Preschool follows a first-come, first-serve policy. Families currently enrolled are given sibling preference. The age of your child and space availability may impact your anticipated enrollment date at the Center.

Although maintaining a full classroom is important, Beanstalk Preschool recognizes that it is also necessary to maintain a balance of age and gender. We must also take into consideration the growth and development of currently enrolled children who become ready to move to new classrooms.

Beanstalk is a year-round preschool with an open enrollment policy. If there is no spot currently available in your child’s age group, your family will be placed on a “waiting list.” You will be notified when a space becomes available.

Upon your child’s acceptance to our program, you will need to:

-Attend a parent orientation and complete the Beanstalk enrollment packet
-Pay first month’s tuition and last month’s tuition. (check or money orders accepted)

NOTE: All withdrawal notifications must be given one month prior to the child's last month of enrollment. If you decide to withdraw your child before the official notification period, please be advised that no refunds, prorated or otherwise will be distributed.

Parents will receive a Parent Handbook upon enrollment

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our admission procedures. We look forward to becoming partners with your family in the education and well-roundedness of your child.

After your child begins school, we partner with the family to provide information on the child’s behavior at home and at school using the celebrated Ages and Stages Observation Questionnaire (ASQ). Parents are asked to observe and document their child’s behaviors and skills while the lead teacher uses the same tool in the school environment. After the completion of the questionnaire, parents and teachers meet to discuss outcomes. The tool is used to assist the teacher in constructing lesson plans that help strengthen the skills of the child in specific areas.

Non-Discrimination Clause
Beanstalk Preschool provides services and refers families (parents and children) to other services without regard to race, color, religion, creed, handicap or disability, ancestry, national origin, limited English proficiency, age, sex, or sexual orientation