Founders’ Story

Beanstalk Preschool was founded by Tina Giangrante and Joanne Jones, M.Ed. Driven by their passion to make sure children enthusiastically embrace life-long learning, together they decided to embark on a wonderful journey to educate, excite and engage the young learner. Together they made a commitment to provide all the children they serve with a safe and welcoming environment that nurtures all facets of early childhood development. Using strategies that include Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia's belief that children's interests drive projects and lesson planning, and Maria Montessori's quest for education to be a natural process that fosters self-esteem, independence and respect for others, Beanstalk was founded.

Joanne Jones

Joanne graduated Magna Cum Laude from Eastern University, earning her master's degree in multicultural education, with an emphasis on elementary education. She did so while teaching in the Philadelphia public school system. One of her proudest accomplishments as a teacher was instilling in her students a love of learning. Joanne believes a love of learning translates into lifelong learning. Joanne and Tina Giangrante were colleagues, both part of a hard-working teaching team whose school, once failing, was able to achieve Adequate Yearly Progress for the first time.

Joanne's experience as a teacher demonstrated the value in project based learning. From working on various projects of interest to the students, she witnessed first hand, children become excited about learning and pride in their ability to articulate it.

A lifelong bond was formed

Tina Giangrante

Tina's passion for helping others was first sparked while in High School, where she had the opportunity to witness the positive difference her teachers made in schools and within the community. Their dedication made Tina think about pursuing education. Tina originally thought her vehicle for helping others would be music. However as time went on, Tina found herself working with children with special needs. She loved it so much, she decided to pursue it as a career. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She was hooked.

Consequently, Tina enrolled at LaSalle and earned her degree in K-12 teacher of the handicapped. She then studied principalship at Widener University and taught special education in New Jersey for several years. After moving back to her hometown of Philadelphia, Tina again furthered her education by becoming certified in the highly-regarded Wilson Reading System (WRS) and established the first WRS program at her school. The principles of WRS--a research based, multisensory learning approach that takes into account multiple forms of intelligence and considers the whole child--remain with her to this day. Over the course of her 31-year career, Tina has successfully instructed dozens of Philadelphia students, who may otherwise never have been able to read.
Tina and Joanne have had great successes helping hundreds of children to dramatically improve their academic standing and emotional wellbeing. By teaming up in their common values, Joanne and Tina decided to employ a basic principle of showing each student love and respect first, in order to gain their trust and instill in them a sense of self worth. This is the foundation that Beanstalk was built on, and the first step toward helping students achieve happiness and success